Benefits of Steamed Food

Steamed food maintains more of its nutritional value and nutrients than food that is baked or boiled .Overcooking or burning food is easily avoided when steaming it. A 2007 USDA comparison between steaming and boiling vegetables shows the most affected nutrients are folic acid and vitamin C. When compared to raw consumption, steaming reduces folic acid by 15%, and boiling reduces it by 35%. Steaming reduces vitamin C by 15%, and boiling reduces it by 25%. Phenolic compounds with antioxidant properties have been found to retain significantly better through steaming than through boiling or microwaving. Most other nutrients are reduced by a similar amount by both methods of cooking.

Adding Extra Flavor
Just because steaming is a healthy way to cook doesn’t mean it has to be bland. There are many ways of adding extra flavor to steamed food during the cooking process. You can bring extra flavor to your food by adding all sorts of complementary herbs and spices to your cooking liquid. Further up the flavor by substituting stock, fruit juice or wine for water. The additional flavors will permeate the food as the steam cooks them.

Food by Steaming
In China, the Chinese have used steamers for at least 3000 years or more. In Western cooking, steaming is most often used to cook vegetables – it is rarely used to cook meats.

In Chinese cuisine seafood and meat dishes are steamed. For example: steamed whole fish, steamed crab, steamed pork spare ribs, steamed ground pork or beef, steamed chicken, steamed goose, etc. Other than meat dishes, also rice can be steamed , although in Chinese this is rarely referred to as “steaming” but rather simply as “cooking.” Wheat foods are steamed as well. Examples include buns, Chinese steamed cakes etc. Commercially sold frozen foods (such as dumpling ,rice glue ,dim sum and so on) used to have instructions to reheat by steaming, until the rise in popularity of home multifunctional steamed cabinet which have considerably shorter cooking times.

How to Steam
The secret to steaming food is to make sure there is enough heat around the food. If not, the food may be undercooked. However, if too much heat is present the food may turn rubbery. With the improvement of people’s healthy diet concept, steamed cabinet is becoming more and more popular . you just need a steamed cabinet make the steaming food more easily .open the power and waiting for six minutes the steam come up put the food into the steamed cabinet and fasten up it. then waiting for about quarter-hour the food is done.

Multifunctional Steamed Cabinet
The multifunctional steamed cabinet is widely used to steam rice, desserts, vegetables, fish, vegetables and seafood etc. The steamed cabinet can be used for tableware disinfection. Saving time and energy. The steamed oven can generate a large amount of steam in 6 minutes. The energy saving rate is up to 60%. reliable performance and good after-sales service make the food steaming machine popular throughout the world. and if you need specialized field Steamed Bread Machine,Baozi(Steamed Bun with Filling),Mantou(Steamed Bun) machine. Amisy highly functional and superlative food processing machines & allied products is your best choice .


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