Quail Egg Processing Line

Quail Egg Shelling Processing flows

Quail eggs prewarming—quail egg boiling—-quail egg cooling—Breaking Shells—quail egg peeling and shelling—Shelled Egg Transporting


1. Quail Eggs Prewarming & Conveying

The whole quail eggs prewarming & conveying processes are carried out in a big prewarming trough which is used to soak the quail eggs, preventing the eggs from being broken. A conveyor is installed in the prewarming trough to deliver the quail eggs into the egg boiler.



2. Quail Eggs Boiling

After the raw quail eggs are sent into the egg boiler, the raw quail eggs will change into hard-boiled eggs . The egg boiler is the most fundamental machine for the quail egg shelling line. Cover the pan and bring the water to a boil. As soon as the water comes to a boil, turn off and leave the boiler covered five minutes, then the hard-boiled quail eggs will be delivered into the cooling trough automatically.


3. Cryogenic Cooling

After the quail eggs going through the cooling conveyor trough, the temperature will go down and the shell of the quail eggs will separate from the inside egg, so it makes the shelling process much easier.  Tips — put the hard boiled quail eggs into fridge or cool water for a while, that makes peel eggs easily


4. Breaking Shells

Breaking shells is the most important preparatory work of the shelling eggs, which is finished by a shells broken rotating machine. The breaking machine can easily break the quail shells and do not cause any damage to the eggs. The structure of the stainless steel machine is pretty simple, which makes the machine easy to operate and clean. Reliable working process, labor-saving.


5. Quail Egg Shelling

Shelling quail eggs is the ultimate aim of the whole production line. The production capacity of the quail egg peeling machine is more than 10,000 pieces per hour and the breakage rate is less than 1%, which is a wonderful and professional machine for any quail eggs in a large scale processing industries. The stainless steel material makes the egg peeling process stable and hygienic. Just feed the hard boiled quail eggs and wait for the peeled eggs discharged from the outlet. No labor operation, totally automatic peeling.



6. Shelled Egg Transporting

This is the last step of the whole quail eggs processing line. In the process, a conveyor will carry the shelled quail eggs to the prepared containers which for further processing or packaging for sales


Amisy Quail Eggs Shelling Production Line

The whole production line is automatic and efficient. we can supply the whole set of quail egg processing line. And the quail eggs shelling line is an assembly of quail egg processing,  including quail egg cleaning, egg boiling, egg breaking and egg shelling, which can process the dirty and raw quail eggs into clean, hard-boiled and shell-less eggs. The related machines are manufactured with strict technology indicators and examined by the senior technicians. The whole shelling line is labor saving and efficient.

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